Should you withdraw from an RRSP now to pay off debt

May 8, 2015

Should you withdraw from an RRSP now to pay off debt?  That is a good question and should be considered carefully before withdrawing from your investment. When struggling with debt you can no longer manage, you may feel that you have no choice to withdraw from an RRSP to get the financial relief you need.  […]

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What happens If I Can’t Pay The Surplus Income Payments By My Discharge Date?

January 22, 2015

Is your discharge date approaching and you’re wondering “what happens if I can’t pay the surplus income payments before the discharge date?” Then the following information will be of help to you; Before your discharge date the first thing that is done is to review your file to make sure your payments are in place […]

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November 7, 2014

I often hear people say, “I pay my bills on time every month and have excellent credit, but I never seem to be getting a head.” Along with the frustrations and consequences of debts that have become unmanageable it is very discouraging to find out that the debt that you’re making your minimum monthly payments on […]

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Is Power of Attorney Responsible for Debt?

August 22, 2014

Recently I met with a client who asked if having the power of attorney over his parent’s estate makes him responsible for their debt? His 84-year-old Mother is in the hospital for a complicated surgery which involved a great amount of risk. When he was given power of attorney he discovered his mom hadn’t filed […]

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What happens to my house if I file for bankruptcy?

July 3, 2014

Most people are concerned when they consider filing for bankruptcy about what will happen to their house. The first question to ask yourself is this, “Can I afford to keep my house?” In other words once your bankruptcy has dealt with all of your unsecured debts, can you then maintain your house and the expenses […]

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